At Gem Gallerie, we pride ourselves not only on having a delightful inventory of beautiful pieces, but also on our years of expertise and knowledge in the gem and gold industries. As such, we’re happy to offer a range of services, including cleaning, jewelry repair, restringing, custom designs and appraisals.

With the holidays so close, give someone the gift of a service to repair, clean or appraise their jewelry. If you have someone in your life who has a cherished necklace but the clasp is broken, or they have a string of pearls that needs to be restrung, or a piece that could use a good cleaning – a gift card to Gem Gallerie makes an ideal gift! We can make their jewelry sparkle like the day they bought it.

We also want to encourage people to recycle their unused jewelry. Bring in gold to pay for your services, or we can create custom jewelry, which is a great way to repurpose pieces that you no longer wear. These ideas make a great gift for parents or grandparents!

We’re at your service. Stop by today for a free consultation.

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