Men’s accessories offer a way to express personal style

Let’s face it, men don’t have quite the latitude that women have when it comes to expressing individual style. Men love uniforms, of one kind or another. There’s the banker/lawyer/accountant uniform (navy suit and tie), there’s outside workers’ uniform (coveralls, personal protective equipment, work boots), then there are, of course, real uniforms of professional athletes. How does a guy stand out?

Enter accessories. Those little ‘side dishes’ to the ‘main course.’ Ties, pocket square and socks have exploded in a world of colour, pattern and design. Great ways to show people a little something different.

Men’s jewelry also offers ways to express individuality, through pieces such as watches and bracelets, earrings or rings. We are seeing stainless steel, tungsten, leather, plastic and more enter the scene, creating new and edgy options for men.

Watches have long presented opportunities for men to flash a little style. Dress watches, of course, range from luxury gold-and-diamond elegance to rugged and edgy designs that reflect a hearty lifestyle. For various events and situations, men often have a few watches to meet the range of occasions.

Bracelets can be a very discreet way to express individualism. Beads, leather, sterling silver, gold or stainless steel – each type of material reflects a different personality.
So, men, express yourselves! Show the world your personal style through smart accessories for every occasion.

It’s Father’s Day…and not a tie in sight!

Welcome to Steelx, a beautiful line of accessible jewelry for men and women. And, since Father’s Day is on the horizon, may we recommend one of Steelx’s spectacular pieces for men?
Combining stainless steel, leather and other materials, Steelx transcends design by offering a range of diverse jewelry to meet the most discerning individuals’ expectations.

For Father’s Day, give Dad something he will wear and cherish for years to come. Affordably priced and waiting for you at Gem Gallerie.

Perhaps a Maserati for Father’s Day?

It’s not as elusive as you may think. While the four-wheeled version may not be on the list this year, Dad is sure to appreciate a stunning, authentic Maserati watch. Gem Gallerie has several in stock and ready for Father’s Day.

Well-priced, Maserati watches feature both metal and leather bands in a range of styles to suit your Dad’s personal style. Who knows, perhaps this is the start of a whole new collection for Dad…

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